Afinna One is an international VOIP carrier leader in direct voice termination.

Founded in 2010 , our Company has presence in EUROPE west and east , ASIA and AFRICA. Our telecom portfolio includes wholesale and retail premium VoIP A-Z termination services and among our customers you can find Tier-1 national, global carriers, ISPs, corporate carriers and residential VoIP providers.


Afinna One was set up in June 2010, and is the brainchild of Massimo Lucera who had achieved great success in the telecommunication market in the previous 10 years. Massimo Lucera discovered the telecommunications industry after completing a master's degree in Business Administration at the Luiss University in Rome. He was appointed Managing Director of Italian branch of an international Tier 1 Company.


Later in Barcelona, with an International investor group, he created an international carrier; he was appointed managing director and the Company had its Headquarters in London and Barcelona for a new wholesale market, and retail strategies. In 3 Months the monthly turnover  reached in excess of  € 1,000,000.


Having sold his share of the UK Company, he decide to set up and run his own Company, called Impronta srl, from 2006 to 2008;  where  he drove the business forward and developed the wholesale market, with all kinds of operators such as those without their direct intrerconnects but also those with direct interconnections and some of them being major players in the world.


Quite soon the company reached a monthly turnover averaging of € 600,000. Finally, during the period from 2009 to 2010 Massimo Lucera and his team were engaged in consulting for large telecommunications groups by providing all the technical knowledge acquired in the 10 years of experience;

However one day the desire to do get back to building a business and overcome new challenges became a strongest motivation to do new things again.

So Initially while managing to hold the consultancy it was decided to re start  a direct activities with an easy and dynamic  Company called Afinna One srl, a growing company that is able to handle up to 10,000,000 million minutes of traffic weekly.


Afinna One team is made up of 3 business areas which cover the sectors :wholesale, retail and corporate business and customers, and later also dedicated solely to special projects and one operating NOC 7 days on 7 with an automated trouble ticket system so as to ensure uptime and reliability at 360 degrees.


The core business of the  Company is Wholesale Arbitrage  with CLI and without CLI destinations, but our one of our main strengths is the direct interconnection agreements with our partners in the following areas: Middle East Africa, South America and parts of eastern Europa and  Asia. So This enables us to focus on ensuring that obtain quality control and strong termination with competitive prices. Of course we are always looking for to work with partners whose business practice is also based on similar principles of building a serious and reliable and creditable business in the industry. The Division of Special project is designed to meet the needs of our customers whether they are the DID number premium or special services, and for example our recent successes also the only collection projects such as Upper tel or Upper voip,  have shown that Afinna One srl is able to achieve their  objectives.


Afinna One is a Company with simple history but  with a lot of capacity and efficiency, for these reasons  try our services and our routes and be our partner for a long time.


Headquartered in Rome, Afinna ONE

is an Italian-based International Carrier for Global Voice Termination.

One of our strengths is the number of direct

interconnections we have set up with partners in key

destinations worldwide.


As a leading provider of international wholesale services, we also generate high volumes of revenue with our own retail traffic.


Other strengths our customers can benefit from:

•  300+ interconnections, primarily with Tier 1 operators

•  22 Employees – and continued organic growth planned

•  NOC 24/7/365

•  5 POP’s in Frankfurt, Miami, New York, Hong Kong, Dubai

•  Around 45 million of minutes per month


In addition to our wholesale activity, we can  offer:

•  NOC services in Cloud

•  Call center in 6 languages: Arabic, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian

Working with Afinna ONE means working with high quality standard voice services to create a strong, long-term relationship.



An international team with  extensive knowledge of the Telecoms market , and always provide the best answer to our customers request always on time ensuring the best routing and service available.


Our noc team works 24/7/365 and provides to both our customers and suppliers a competent and real time answer to their requests, queries and other requirements.



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